Mimic Light Installation

Mimic is a continuation of Flat-e’s exploration into responsive light sculpture. As part of the Cutty Cargo live arts project, Flat-e have created a twenty five metre long light installation spanning the ceiling of a temporary event space. Mimic can be seen in London, New York and Tokyo in the coming year.

Made of hundreds of identical light modules arranged in an abstract pattern, the work explores mimicry found in both the natural and industrial world. This is reflected in the animated light patterns the audio responsive work creates as well as the use of materials that have both natural and engineered properties.

Materials: Particle board, acrylic, LED, steel, code.

Commissioned by: Inkling/Cutty Sark
Created by: Flat-e
Produced by: Kat Anderson
Programming by: Marek Bereza
Technical Assistant: Edwin Ryder
Assistant: Grace Sherrington
Photography: Mike Massaro