Jamie Lidell, You Naked

Music promo for our continuing collaboration with Warp Records superstar Jamie Lidell. Interactive projection cube that reacted to Jamie’s movements and those of the custom LED mic stand.

Directed by: Flat-e
Music by: Jamie Lidell
DOP & Steadicam: Thonke
Produced by: Kat Anderson
Programmer: Marek Bereza
Video Commissioner: Laura Tunstall
Camera Assistant: Ed Tucker
Gaffer: Mark Holownia
Production Assistant: Grace Sherrington
Costume & Styling by: Francesca Salter-Dvorak
Set Technician: Matt Barnes
Runners: Fred Vernon, Rosie Taylor, Joel Stephens
Photography: Sandra Ciampone

Special thanks to: Sandra Ciampone, Chris Lane, Andy Lowe, Rob Perna, Hackney Downs Studios and Alex & George at Autumn Street Studios.

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